Plastic Granulator


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Plastic Granulator

The EASY POWER is the largest capacity granulator built for the most rigorous conditions. It is suitable for tough, abrasive or contaminated materials that can cause high wear. The major feature is the heavy steel construction and the rotor, made from a solid block of hardened steel forged without any welding, as proof of extreme solidity, strength and resistance. Most machine components are interchangeable, such as the rotor blade holders, blade locking wedges and wear-resistant steel protection plates of the cutting chamber, which ensures maximum machine efficiency and duration over time. In addition, the complete opening of the feed hopper and special conformation of the cutting chamber allow for easy access to the heart of the machine, for maintenance purposes.
Also available in the EASY POWER WET.

available industry package 4.0

bruno folcieri is actively involved in the 4.0 industry, with systems that make the machines “intelligent communicating entities”, even when working remotely. integrated with the it and itc worlds, the remote assistance service allows changes to be made to the configuration of the control system, through a company tpc/ip network connection and an internet connection.


extremely easy maintenance
  • cutting chamber opens completely for quick and safe access to rotor and counter-blades
  • feeding hopper, cutting chamber inspection compartment and screen holder open and close hydraulically and automatically
  • hoist for screen removal
  • open hopper safety arm
  • rotor anti-rotation safety brake
  • blades pre-adjustment by special jig
wear resistance
  • considerably heavy
  • cutting chamber entirely coated with replaceable wear-resistant steel plates
  • most components subject to wear are replaceable
  • external bearing supports provided with labyrinth seal
high yields
  • screen featuring upper exhaust area
  • 1,400 mm diam. pulley (2.8 tonnes) with higher cutting torque for greater cutting strength stabilising rotation speed

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